Key Issue: Commercialization of Military Weapons

Unbeknown to many Americans, military contractors are selling ultra-high technology weapons for use domestically, within our borders.  A particular class of weapons, Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) weapons, originally designed for the military to control crowds, projects powerful but invisible frequency beams that cause tremendous pain.  They operate over long distances, through walls and are completely invisible — they allow for no witnesses and leave no marks.   

An expert on how the brain perceives pain, Dr John Wood, Professor in Sensory Neurobiology at University College London,  says about EMF weapons:  “They are so obviously useful as torture instruments, It is ethically dubious to say they are useful for crowd control when they will obviously be used by unscrupulous people for torture”.

Active Denial was meant as a “‘counter personnel’ weapon used to deny access into/out of an area to individuals by firing an electromagnetic millimetre-wave energy beam beyond small arms range from a jeep” (source).  You can see a representation of the weapon below.


Active Denial produces a 95 GHZ frequency beam.  When this beam hits the victim, it heats up the top 1/64″ inch of his skin, heating the water molecules to the point the victim feels like he is on fire. 

The defense contractor Raytheon created a commercial equivalent called Silent Guardian which it sells to the public.   This weapon has been available for purchase by wealthy individuals, organizations and corporations with few if any restrictions since 2009.   

Because there are no federal regulations or statewide regulations in California against such EMF weapons, the potential for abuse is enormous.   Particularly given the motivations of perpetrators of covert harassment whose whole paradigm is to harass and harm victims outside the reach of the law.  And given that such weapons have been used- as evidenced in the Walbert vs. Redford case in the 18th Judicial District Court of Kansas.

LiveFree advocates the ban of such weapons in California.   


See LiveFree’s Bob Chandra speak on the danger of these military weapons sold to the public at a May 2019 Ethics in Tech Forum.

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